Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Andria Joshy

      In my dream, there is an India which stands proudly in front of other developed countries. Our nation should be a model for others. They should view us with a little jealousy. The first step to accomplish this dream is development. Our country should be included in the list of developed countries. It is only practical through the increase in percapita income, life expectancy, literacy, population control etc. Let us set a target for poverty eradication. In India some of the people are very rich and others are below poverty line. It shows a high difference in the quality of life. As far as possible equal distribution of money should be made. Another factor is correption. Many of our representatives do crores correption. It is the plundering of our wealth. So correption should be prohibited.
     Good treatment and good education should be given to people. For this hospitals and educational institutions of high quality should be made and it has to be open for poor people as well.Good food should be given to all people.
     Along with development activities our natural resources should be protected. In my opinion at least 40% of the land in India should be maintained as forests. The renewable resources should be used carefully and the non renewable resources should be conserved.
    Another factor is the protection of woman. Nowadays the discriminations against woman increase. It is a drawback of our society. There should a situation when women can walk alone through any place even at midnight.
     These all factors can build an India in my dream.

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